Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

So I've got to record a video of myself teaching the new Evolution class format at Life Time Fitness. This isn't appreciatively different from how I teach my normal class. LTF is looking to bring some consistency to each class, which makes sense for a large club.

My recommendation for private studios is that they offer a variety of styles/formats as long as you; match the correct format to time slot + clearly label the class for what it is and provide a short description.

The work portion of an Evolution class are a series of "challenges" that are between 5 to 12 minutes. I like to do a "Best Effort" 4 minute PTP assessment as my first challenge. I add on a longish slow climb (80% of observed PTP) directly after we complete the 4 minute PTP test.

Next week I'll be using this 90 RPM remix of No rest for the wicked - it's a perfect 4 minutes if you use the initial intro to ramp up. I'll be following it with this new remix from Peter G.



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