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Are you looking for the perfect 96 rpm flat road tune to use for discovering anaerobic threshold in your class???  Look no further!  This four piece indie rock group from London, England has recorded it for us.  “Amazing” by One Eskimo, starts out with a very mellow, but detectable beat and builds bit by bit over time, especially at 1:18 and 2:28.  I encourage (push is a more accurate word) my class to keep adding load without slowing leg speed and bring themselves to that uncomfortable place of T2.  Then 3:58 minutes into the song, it magically pulls back, and I talk to them about really feeling the difference between working “aerobically” and “anaerobically”.  Total time is 4:41, and then it”™s time for:

1. Air


2. Water!

Here is One Eskimo and “Amazing" from their self-titled CD.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  It”™s a favorite of mine and John quickly became a fan. Here are all their songs in Spotify - there's a bunch of gems in there... which others do you like?

Here's a remix of another One Eskimo track, Givin Up (it's hard to do) for your free track. It has a simple, yet compelling message about persevering you maybe able to use in your class one early morning. Actually many of their tracks have inspirational lyrics you could weave into a motivating class 🙂
One eskimO - Givin' up (Don Diablo Remix) by Don Diablo

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