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Today I bring you something a bit different.  A very intense, fully orchestrated 65 bpm climb that starts out very strong and then backs off at 1:59 for a quick quiet segment (which you know I love for queuing opportunities).  We never lose intensity though, even in the short quiet segment.   And then…bam!!! 3:30 comes along and the beautiful build starts and really hits at 3:45 to the finish at 4:27.   I am so looking forward to using this X-Men First Class Soundtrack #11 (X-training) in my Thanksgiving class.  I am co-teaching a 90 minute class with someone you might know…his name is John Macgowan.  I gotta put together a good class for that morning!  I don”™t want everyone thinking he is the only one that can work them hard.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US members!

Here it is in Spotify


And here is a remix you may enjoy as your free track of the week.
X-Training - Henry Jackman by Bere Weillschmidt

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