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It was dumb luck. That's the only reason this playlist worked so well with the Epic Wine Country DVD I played last night in my class. I mean, Amy even liked it and for her to approve of my music is a pretty big deal. I hadn't even intended to use that video last night - I'd forgotten the one I planned to use.

But dumb luck may not have the only reason this class worked so well...

It wasn't that I was getting lazy, It's just that I've always preferred longer songs (>4:00) for my playlists. Maybe it came from my iTunes days where I figured that I was getting a better value if I bought a 6:37 song vs. a 2:54 song. Made sense to me. And I'll admit that building an hour long class of 8-10 tracks was a lot less effort than compiling 16 or more.

It was just random chance 🙂

More songs = More transitions = More chances for a song change to match up with a change in the video. I teach using video in nearly all my classes these days. I've wasted spent a lot of time trying to matchup songs to the structure of the video, with a varying level of success. I'd find myself stressing about exactly when I'm to start the music and video so they are "In Sync" - even though I've been suggesting to you the exact opposite in the companion Audio PROfiles I've published.

This playlist has 16 tracks and worked very well - it was almost scary how well it matched the two big climbs that make up the final 20 minutes of effort. I did end up pausing the music for about a minute before The Gap Band — You Dropped The Bomb On Me.

Here's a screenshot if you don't have access to Spotify.

Free music Indoor Cycling class playlist



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