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What the heck happened to September and October?
Oh well..
Another British band makes the list for today”™s Friday Favorite.  Their sound and versatility is so interesting.  I first heard them on “Grey”™s Anatomy” and I tracked down the season”™s soundtrack to get this particular song.  It is the perfect length (5:27 ) and rpm”™s (69) for a moderate effort climb.  The title track from the “How We Operate” CD by Gomez is today”™s tune.  I like the musical layers…especially the banjo.  Give it a listen and see what you think.  I”™m going to explore more by this band.

Here's “How We Operate” in Spotify


And how about a great cover of “How We Operate” from the cast of “Grey”™s Anatomy” for your free track of the week?
Grey's Anatomy Cast - How we Operate by Bucklictic

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