Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PRO
Are you looking for that certain something to inspire your class during speed work?  This could be it.  Super high intensity with rpm”™s at 98 and no vocals,  you can coach them through and remind them (thanks MI Cameron Chinatti) that speed work is not just about pedal speed, but BIKE speed.  There is a fabulous “pull back” at 1:30 and a 42 second build to a big musical pop at 2:12 that pushes to the finish at 3:33.  From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” Fast Five”, check out track #3, “Assembling the Team”.

Here's the link to the track in Spotify Brian Tyler — Assembling the Team There's a lot of additional music from composer Brian Tyler that you can explore. Let me know if you find another jewel we should be using.

For your free track I found another high energy song from another movie scored by Brian Tyler.
Brian Tyler - Battle: Los Angeles (Main Titles) by Mindcrasher-003

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