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John saw this track recommended by Keith Skowron Skowron over at the Team Spinning Facebook page. He knew instantly that I would love it... and he was right!
A 64 rpm climb with a mellow piano opening, (but adequate drums) and this Scottish singer-song writer”™s fabulous raspy voice is today”™s Friday Favorite. 1:27 in, the song breaks open and a driving drumbeat takes over giving great energy. Perhaps try an out of the saddle lift here until 3:00 where the music backs off and have them go back to the saddle for 20 seconds until 3:20 where you could cue to lift out of the saddle and climb strong until the end of the road at 4:07. Listen for the great “ethereal” female vocals in the background of Calvin Harris”™ “Feel So Close” single from his yet to be released CD (due out in 2012).

This remix is a faster - 74 RPM
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Dj Nath H Club Edit) ** FREE DOWNLOAD** by NineLivesRecords

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