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Today is simply all about fun. And climbing. With lots of load. 3 minutes and 52 seconds of climbing with lots of load at rpm”™s of 58. When this song comes on, we get up out of the saddle with a smile on our face and pretty much just crank it up. In good form of course. With the stress of the holidays, my students really appreciate the opportunity to work some of it out without a lot of cueing or coaching. Never did I think I would use Elvis in my cycle class, but this really works well. Enjoy Elvis and “A Little Less Conversation”:

Here is is in Spotify - If you do a search for "A Little Less Conversation" you will find over 100 versions to choose from; many different remixes - at various lengths - so I'm confident you will find the perfect version for your next class!

I found this fun remix for your free track of the week.

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