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John wrote last week about being freed from no longer needing to find ‘long songs”™ for riding playlists. I agree, but it is so satisfying to find one that works well musically - for a specific training purpose. This great 68 rpm song coming in at 5 minutes and 52 seconds serves up a perfect climb situation in which to hold cadence and add load (and watch watts go up!)

Here”™s how I have been coaching “Hanging On”, by Active Child: We set cadence at 68 rpm”™s and initial load where work is sustained around T1. After the first :52, I coach to hold cadence steady at 68, and have them add load each minute and notice changes in HR/watts and breathing. By the end of 5 load adds, we are working well past T2 and putting up some big watts. No power meters? No problem. Coach to the 68 rpm music rhythm for a steady pedal cadence and HR monitors or perceived exertion.

Active Child”™s (the working name of electric artist Pat Grossi) Hanging On:

Active Child — Hanging On in Spotify
Active Child Video

Ellie Goulding also does an interesting version of this song, but it is only 3:22.

John's note: I heard/Shazamed this during the Victoria's Secret fashion show the other night. I just love Ellie's big sound in this cover - Turn It Up!
But be careful - there's a foul version of this song that includes Rapper Tinie Tempah that totally wrecks it - what was she thinking?.

Ellie Goulding — Hanging On in Spotify
Ellie Video


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