Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PRO
This fabulous artist can not only sing, play guitar and drums, but she is also quite a little athlete. She runs 6 miles a day and is a marathoner. Today”™s 4:17, 86 bpm flat road has an ethereal 15 seconds before a hard beat kicks in.  There are great nuances to work with throughout the song. It would be ideal to use for the first “road” out, but it”™s too good to waste, so you might want to use it later in your ride when everyone is very focused and can enjoy it. Although Britain”™s Ellie Goulding is best known for “Lights” (and that is a GREAT tune, 3:32, 61 bpm), featured today is “Salt Skin” from her Lights CD.  You may want to check out the entire CD.  It”™s really good.  
Happy weekend everyone.  I am so excited to teach on our new FreeMotion bikes Saturday morning!
Salt Skin in Spotify

The DJ's love this girl and her music!
This Club remix (63 RPM) has enormous energy!

Here's another version at 78 RPM - awesome

And this one is closer to her original (86 RPM)

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