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Today”™s Friday Favorite might feel a bit “risky” in that it is edgier and heavier than things suggested in the past. It is great for a mid-class flat road push at AT. What is really different is that this 81 rpm flat starts out intense and then mellows out at :30. Intensity gradually builds back over the next minute and pulls back at 1:26. 2:05 brings back intensity and then at 2:35 there is almost quiet. This time is fantastic to queue your students to tune into what their bodies are really doing and how they are really responding. The vocals during this time are beautiful and corresponding guitar licks at 3:30 are amazing to the 4:59 end of Alter Bridge”™s “Open Your Eyes” from their One Day Remains CD.
Here”™s hoping you like this group as much as I do:

Here's the track in Spotify

Completely unrelated, but essential for any Instructor, is a good intro track. You know, one that sets the mood and doesn't have lyrics you'll need to talk over. John posed last week about Chicane, a new band he had been using. Here's a remix of Chicane's "Off Shore" that maybe something you would like to lead with next week.
Chicane - Offshore by LynnValleyJazz

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