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Continuing with the two themes: ‘zippy”™ and ‘a good flat road can be challenging to find”™, here is flat road song (the jackpot really, because this band”™s top 5 hits on Spotify are ALL excellent flat roads ranging from 85-88 rpm”™s. I am going to use all of them!)
This group originally formed to write songs for haunted houses, but thankfully found the masses appreciated their music and went on to write mainstream stuff.
You may recognize Chairlift — Bruises from their SOMETHING album, as it was used in an iPod commercial. It clocks at 4:00 and 92 rpm”™s. I have been using it as a quick little mid class speed play.

Amanaemonesia is every bit as good at 84 rpm”™s. Love it for 5 minutes of simulated velodrome work going up the wall.
And I Belong In Your Arms - Photek Remix is great too at 87 rpm”™s, 3:28.
Sidewalk Safari is yet another great track at 88 rpm”™s, 3:50
Enjoy! More flats coming your way next week.

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