Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
This week's track has a somewhat split personality, a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde if you will... with you in complete control of the personality through the volume you play it.

I found Passenger — Let Her Go while listening to ICI/PRO Member Soigneur Jennifer Lintz's ( j8lintz in Spotify) playlists. I commented about it to her and she explained that she had used this track as a cold down during her last class. Easy to understand - Dr Jekyll.  

OK. So I woke up this morning thinking this could make a great Friday track, if I could find a free version to share. I like to play music (especially in the morning) a bit louder than other people. Possibly a throwback from growing up in the 70's and the "Turn it up to 11!" mentality 🙂

Listening to Let Her Go this morning at my normal setting had me thinking; this could be an awesome climb during an endurance class. The speed is perfect at 75 rpm and the simple, repeating lyrics are very powerful when they fill the room. Turn it up Mr Hyde!

Let me know what you think after listening.

Sorry but the free version is no longer available.


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