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Spotify is a lot like Facebook…
- You can see what your friends are listening to
- You can follow your friends
- You can spend a lot of time on it
- Sometimes you have no idea how your ‘time travels”™ landed you where they did!

That”™s how this week”™s Friday Favorite happened…I found myself listening to rhythm and blues/ gospel and found a great 4:05 flat road at 88 rpm”™s. It fits well as the second or third road in as you describe the profile for your class and give them time to wrap their minds around the challenges ahead. Eyes On The Prize

Here is Mavis Staples — Eyes On The Prize on Spotify

I wasn't able to find Eyes On The Prize as a free track - instead you may enjoy this cover of Bob Dylan's; Gotta Serve Somebody by Mavis Staples. A great flat at 96 rpm.

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