Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
Some love it, some find it boring and some start digging for their ear plugs the minute they hear it. Say what you like about Drum & Bass electronic music, but I'm finding that many in my class really enjoy the consistent, driving beat. The effect is hypnotic, taking your class to their Happy Place during an endurance ride. Especially when when you deliver the sound in long, continuous tracks like the free tracks below. Even better if you take and mix them together or play them using your computer and iTunes set to cross fade.

Each of these tracks are ~87RPM making them perfect for any endurance class or a long flat between some challenging climbs.
They would also work very well for a FTP Assessment class where the unbroken beat will help everyone keep their cadence up, without needing to focus on the console.



I would use this track as my introduction song, really encouraging everyone to find this pedal RPM and use the music to control their legs.

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