Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
Rule #1 when you're stuck in a music rut - look for someone to help pull you out! And I followed this rule today in my search for inspiration for this weeks track - ICG Master Trainer Vanessa Wilkins is providing our song and she doesn't even know it 🙂

That's the beauty of Spotify. Once we're connected, and I need a fresh perspective, I can check out what music you're using and grab a few tracks for myself.

If you're young you might not be familiar with the Brothers Johnson - they were pretty popular back in the Disco days. Vanessa is using Brothers Johnson — Strawberry Letter 23 in this playlist of her's Memories.

Once I heard it I remembered how I used to think the band Yes had crashed the recording session - give a listen at the complete change of genre at the 2:25 mark. This is a nice 90rpm flat that many of your more "seasoned" participants will enjoy.


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