I'm having so much fun building a playlist, using a single as the "base" track to build off of and then scrolling through related artists to fill in the rest. Plus it doesn't hurt to hear multiple; "great music tonight John!" at the end of class to know I'm doing something right 🙂

In the previous PRO Podcast, I linked to this playlist I built using Peter Frampton — Do You Feel Like We Do - Live as the "base" or "root" artist from which I explored artists related to Peter Frampton in Spotify. Eric Clapton has been a long time favorite of mine and when Spotify said he's connected with Frampton - that was all it took to include a 7:07 version of Layla from Derek & The Dominos which was the band that introduced us all in the USA to Clapton and band-mate Duane Allman - the future lead guitarist of the Allman Bros. band.

I love long climbs at higher than typical cadences. Layla is perfect to really tax the leg muscles of your Club Athletes during a seven minute effort at 58 RPM. Plenty of opportunity to alternate in / out of the saddle for sure!

This cover may fit where your need a sub 3 minute effort

And this cover could make a very nice cool-down






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