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It”™s nice here (relatively speaking) and we can finally get outside.  John and I rode the Ironman the last Sunday in April and it felt wonderful to be on real road.  Don”™t be too impressed- the ride is named the ‘Ironman”™ because of the weather situation here in MN.  We used to pre-register, but after years of giving up the registration fee because the weather was so awful on the actual day, we now register the day of!

The ride was nice and hilly and in celebration of our first outdoor ride, today”™s Free Friday Favorite is a quick little climb at 3:21 and 59 rpm. (the free track is 6:20)  The tune is not new, but I heard it again the other day and it felt fresh, plus there are so many cool remixes of it.

Jennifer Paige”™s 1998 hit ‘Crush”™ is still relevant, both in music and lyrics.  I hope you enjoy it and can incorporate it into your class this week.



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