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I you have a Monday 5/27 class somewhere in the USA - there's a good chance it will be cancelled for the holiday. If that's the case, be sure to get outside and enjoy your day off 🙂

Tuesday will be back to work - and you'll have a bunch of participants who will be eager to burn off a few of the Johnsonville brats they consumed (in quantity) the day before.

Don't know Johnsonville brats? They are a year round staple food for Wisconsinites or temporary college residents and a mandatory item on any Memorial Day menu here in the frozen north.

Even though they are technically bratwurst, these are nothing like those disgusting milky-white things your mother used to bring home and cook under the broiler. These are brats and they're awesome!

John's recipe for Johnsonville brats.

Cooking Johnsonville brats is a day-long, near zen-like experience. Similar to preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, but more fun cause you need to be in the right frame of mind to both prepare and then properly cook them 🙂

Empty shelves Saturday AM - what I was afraid of and it took 3 stops before I found my brats.

Empty shelves Saturday AM - what I was afraid of and it took 3 stops before I found my brats.

2 (or more) Original Johnsonville brat party packs. ONLY THE ORIGINAL VERSION!!! The only acceptable option is the Beer'n Brat which they make for people who don't have all day and need to get them on the grill ASAP. If you get to the store and find they are sold out of the original, don't be tempted to use any of the other flavored varieties. Better to go hungry or settle for hamburgers.

2 (or more) large white onions, cut into quarters.

1 (or more) 24 packs* of your favorite Wisconsin beer. My personal favorite is Leinenkugel's or Lienie's as we call it around here.

Real bakery brat buns - NOT HOTDOG BUNS! There is a difference.

Early in the morning, cube the onions and place in a large stock pot.

Add the brats.

Add enough beer to float the brats, reserving 1/2 of each bottle for the cook. It's going to be a long day, so pace yourself by limiting your alcohol consumption to just 1/2 a Lienie's at a time.

Bring to a roaring boil and then reduce to a simmer. Cover and let cook for 4 (or more) hours. Occasionally lift the lid and breath in the heavenly vapors with anticipation of what's to come.

Grill over direct heat for about 10 (or more) minutes, turning frequently. Have a water bottle handy to control the inevitable grease fire as these babies cook up. I forgot to add; wear an apron, or an old shirt, cause these things have a tendency to explode/spurt at you while you're enjoying watching them cook. I don't think it's possible to overcook a brat, so leave them on until they split and a bit burnt.

Serve on toasted brat buns with your favorite brown mustard. My favorite is Cleveland Stadium Mustard.

But keep the sauerkraut away. That stuff is really disgusting.

*Some areas of Northern Wisconsin call these "a suitcase" and the store clerk may become confused and offer you two 12 packs if you ask for a 24 pack.

Getting back on the Free Music Friday track... I really enjoyed my time recording with Dunte Hector this week. Did I mention that he's only 23 years old? I subscribed to Dunte on Spotify and have been listening to his playlists. This track Alex Clare — Relax My Beloved jumped out a very powerful track that I could see using to get everyone establishing "Big Pedals" at the early stage of a climb. Big Pedals @ 63 RPM that I'll we'll then excelerate to ~ 80 RPM and sustain for however long it takes to reach the top.


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