Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PROThis week we are taking it all the way back to the 1980”™s, and some good old recognizable metal. The band started in 1972 in Pasadena California and is just crazy fun and that is what we have in class- crazy fun when their music comes on.
I got Van Halen”™s , The Best of Both World”™s two disc CD and it is loaded with all their good stuff. I am going to highlight two songs today, but there are so many more great ones to use in class. “Jump” at 72 rpm and 4:04 is what I am currently
using 35 minutes into class for an out of the saddle climb. Everyone knows it, many sing to it, and we love it. I had forgotten about this song. Here it is:

Not as well known, but distinctly Van Halen, is “Feels So Good”, at 90 rpm and
4:32. It is a feel good flat with a great pause/re-start at 1:53 that I love to cue.

Happy Memorial Day to all in the US. And thank you to everyone that is serving,
or has served!

For your free track - here is a great remix/mashup of John's favorite Van Halen song 🙂
Click the little down arrow on the right to download.
HotMaus (Van Halen vs. Deadmau5) by {{well in la}}

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