Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
Are you using the SoundTracking App in Spotify? It's an awesome way to sample songs that are trending on Spotify. By trending I don't mean Top 40 / Billboard new tracks - these are popular tracks Spotify users are enjoying of all genres & time periods.

Here's a great example of an old tune from the band Queen that I can't actually remember ever hearing. The Show Must Go On is classic Queen, heavy on the use of orchestral music combined with Brian May's signature guitar solos. A powerful song at 84 rpm that I can see using as the intro to a long climb. You may want to pair it with another Queen track, with a slightly slower cadence, like Queen — Keep Yourself Alive to create an 8 minute climb with a nice flow as the road steepens and everyone's Heart Rate heads north.

Here's a powerful instrumental version of The Show Must Go On for your free track.

I'm not sure if I would use this - but if you enjoy using original recordings (I'm tempted to call this a demo) that are different from what everyone remembers - but recognizable none the less - you may enjoy this version of Keep Yourself Alive.


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