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When I cannot decide whether I like the re-make or the original song better, then I know that it is a great re-make - and this is one of those songs. I have been using this for a kick butt out of the saddle climb in my anaerobic threshold interval training class lately. We all know it and sometimes it is nice to hear an old classic with a new twist like Fergie doing “Barracuda”, or just and old classic like Ann and Nancy Wilson with Heart doing it.

Take a look/listen at both and decide which you like better:



Either way, the rpm is 68 and your class will know it, love it and easily reach and hold threshold for 4:40 with Fergie”™s version and 4:23 with Heart”™s. Gotta love the1970”™s video! Have fun with it and have a great weekend everyone.

And then follow it up with an 8:00 minute jam 🙂

Cosmic PriestessTia Carrera
"A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing" (mp3)
from "Cosmic Priestess"
(Small Stone Records)

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