Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
Am I alone in feeling there's some real magic in a well constructed Mashup? Next week I'll be publishing Waldo's Revenge - an Audio PROfile from Amy Pillitteri. Amy's profile was runner up in the Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest. I really enjoyed her music playlist and it includes this Mashup Stayin' Hot (Nelly vs. Bee Gees) that isn't available on Spotify.

The magical part about a Mashup like this; I wouldn't ever consider using either song, in the original form, in my class... but blend them together and I joyfully hit the "Play" button. OK, it maybe that it's because it's a little naughty 🙂 But the connection to the Bee Gees makes it alright, doesn't it?
Here's a few more from the DJ Lobsterdust


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