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Every once in a while, an artist comes along that blows me away…grabs me with their extraordinary talent and I cannot get enough of them. That describes this week”™s artist from Fargo, ND (although I like to consider him from Minneapolis - that's where his band and first album release is from). His voice is rich like none other and his guitar solos are smokin”™, which also happens to be the name of his first album.

Two tracks from Jonny Lang”™s most recent CD Turn Around are today”™s Friday Favorites. “One Person At A Time” is a great climb at 60 rpm”™s, 3:03. The lyrics are great, Jonny”™s voice is gravelly and he rocks the guitar as usual. Here is a live video from the Des Moines Rib Fest, but his studio track is much better:

I then roll right into “The Other Side of the Fence”, which is the next track. At 80 rpm”™s, I ask my riders to hold the resistance/load they had while they were climbing to “One Person At A Time” and go anaerobic for approximately 3 minutes. The song is 3:04. Here is another live video, and again, the studio track is much better and the CD is well worth the money! I hope you love this guy because I will be featuring him again down the line. He is just so good and started the music scene at age 15.

Who said the Midwest doesn”™t make Blues musicians?

And here is an excellent edit of Jonny Lang and Michael McDonald singing Thankful
Jonny Lang - Thankful ft Michael McDonald (passean extension) by passean

And I stumbled across this track. You just have to have it 🙂
California soul (A.Skillz Remix) by A.Skillz

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