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I wouldn't begin to say you haven't heard of this fabulous artist, but just in case, I wanted you to experience him. This is a great climb at 69 rpm's and 3 minutes 14 seconds.

I've been coaching the whole thing out of the saddle- just up and out and go!

This guy is a 22 year old Brit! No wonder he's on the top of the chart there (I always scope the top of the Spotify chart in the US and the UK). My oldest daughter, Abby, said, "Mom, you gotta check this new guy out- he's really good." I'm feeling pretty awesome (and young-ish?) that I already had him firmly embedded in my playlist.

Here's Sam Smith and 'Money On My Mind'

Here's the Spotify link:

Sam Smith — Money On My Mind

And your free SoundCloud download:

Enjoy and I'll connect with you on the 4th of July!

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