Find new spinning class music

I've been doing a lot of "Shazam-ing" lately; in my car (safely), during a movie (now I don't have to wait for the credits) and just the other day at a friends office. I was walking down the hall and there was a very familiar tune playing over the Muzak system. Familiar... and yet not - something told me I knew the song, but I couldn't bring the name or artist into focus.

Does that ever happen to you?

Of course I'd left my iPhone in the car. I ran out and back just in time for Shazam to tell me who it was - Robyn doing a cover of Cobrastyle. I clicked the iTunes sample and as I listened to it, why I couldn't place it became obvious - I could understand the words 🙂

I've always enjoyed this 90 rpm tune and I have to admit I really liked the movie where I first heard it as well. OK - I'm a closet Jessica Simpson fan and she's got a line of fabulous shoes.

Here it is in Spotify

The original from the Teddybears.
One suggestion if you want to really fire up your class - this sounds best LOUD!


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