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This is a versatile 91 bpm song that can be used for the first road out of the gate, as a nice recovery flat in the middle of your ride, or as one of the last roads heading toward recovery and cool down. This Grammy award winning female British vocalist has always been a favorite of mine with her smooth vocals and great band. From Dido”™s third album, Safe Trip Home, “Don”™t Believe In Love”, is 3:51. Here”™s hoping you will keep it in your play list and find it useful in many places in your ride.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Dido — Don't Believe In Love in Spotify

Here's a great live version of Don't Believe In Love from the Tonight Show. Two options you could use to trim off Jay Leno's intro; trim it in MixMeister or if you use iTunes you can Right Click the song title > Get Info > Options Tab > tick the start time box and set it for 0:14 to begin during the applause. Or you could leave it and see what happens 🙂

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