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Sometimes, something old, but updated becomes something new and cool. That”™s what this week”™s FF is all about…our 21 year old daughter loved it and so does my class, so hopefully you and your class will too. A perfectly orchestrated flat at 90 rpm”™s, and I really do mean fully “orchestrated”, this English singer, songwriter and flautist released this album of previously recorded songs in 2011. The fun thing is, “In Your Eyes”, by Peter Gabriel from his New Blood CD, is recognizable, both in tune and vocals, but also different because of the orchestration and idiosyncrasies he introduces. At 7:14 with intermittent quiet periods, it works well as the first song out of the gate for an intro, or as a flat in the middle section of a ride, where our riders can get a bit introspective. There is a nice build at 4:45. I hope you like it. Happy weekend everyone!

Peter Gabriel — In Your Eyes - Live In London/2011

While researching today's post I was reminded of these other tracks from Peter Gabriel that I've always enjoyed.

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