Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
A Belgian producer of modern drum”™ n”™ bass gives us today”™s Free Friday Favorite. The original version has a lovely soft 22 seconds in the beginning for us to cue an intense and driving flat road at 87 bpm and 4:10. The free Sound Cloud version is also 87 bpm but goes immediately into an intense and driving flat and is 2:56 long.
Choices abound- use the free track  flat in your profile where you”™ve already set the tone and expectations, and don”™t need cueing time- just a driving and motivating force. If you want a little ‘talk time”™ and then the force; go for the original version of ‘Come Alive”™ by Netsky from his self-titled 2010 album.
Here is the original version:

And your Free Friday download:

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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