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Potholes, potholes everywhere!!!!!  At least here in MN again this summer.  So rather than get mad, we are simply riding to them outside... because we have to, and inside... because we can.  Inside we get to use music to help motivate us through the hard stuff.  This tune just begs for us to work in and out of the saddle, strengthening us mentally and physically for the potholes that are thrown our way.   Daryl Hall just keeps getting better and better with age (lucky dude!)  Even without his sidekick, John, his latest CD, Laughing Down Crying, is fantastic.  The song specifically chosen for today is “Problem With You”.  At 59 rpm (4:39), it has a great bluesy feeling, great Daryl Hall vocals and guitar licks and well….I just like it a lot for lifts on a climb.  Hope you do too.  Check out the whole CD.  Lots of good stuff.

Daryl Hall — Problem With You

I love this song!

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