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Are you looking for a motivating mid-tempo climb? Look no further! This week”™s Friday Favorite, at around 72 rpm, is just the thing. This band is well known by all of us, but perhaps this song will be new to you. Still it is fun for our class, because everyone knows the distinguished voice of U2”™s Bono. “The City of Blinding Lights”, from the album “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”, gives us 1:15 before vocals come in, so I like to let my class know we are going to stay in the saddle for the first two minutes and establish our pedal speed at a load that keeps us at T1. I also let them know that at 2:00, (the music builds here, but our class doesn”™t need to know that, they will just think we are awesome….) we will come out of the saddle for the rest of the song (3:45 - totaling 5:45), emphasizing that we will stay calm and competent between T1 and T2.

Here is the video:

And here is a remix of Vertigo for your free download this week I love Bono's line; Turn it up loud captain 🙂
Vertigo by uzoo
I also found this track. It's completely unrelated, but I wanted you to have it for your music library as a great before class or cool down song.
01 Mysterious Ways  by yamaha76

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