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Amy says:
An angelic acapella voice.  We coach tenacity, consistency and persistence for 1:15 until slight instrumentals enter to support our rpm”™s of 75.   At 2:08, the guessing is gone and full instrumentals hit in mighty force to take us up the hill.  This cover of Bryan Ferry/Tangerine Dream”™s “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” is from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack and is by How to Destroy Angels.  You may prefer the original, like John, or the cover like I do.  (I like the acapella for a change of pace, although Bryan Ferry is always good).  4:30 of climbing goodness awaits.  Enjoy!

How To Destroy Angels — Is Your Love Strong Enough? (feat. How To Destroy Angels)
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John Says:
I agree that this cover is very powerful and could easily see using it in class. I prefer the original version because I instantly loved it the first time I heard it, during the closing credits of the movie Legend. If you haven't seen this cult classic, featuring a very young Tom Cruise and Tim Curry of Rocky Horror fame. it's worth renting 🙂
Bryan Ferry — Is Your Love Strong Enough?

Tangerine Dream — Legend - Music From The Motion Picture composed by Tangerine Dream

Here's a long version as your free track - tell me how you would use this [wlm_firstname]


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