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This Journey song was already a bit over the top in the 70”™s, but this particular cover just cracks me up.  I used it in my Monday morning class as comic relief (and physical relief) after a 20 minute AT climb.  I have been teaching this time slot for years, so the class and I know each other well.   As we were recovering, I said, “for recovery back to T1 (low zone 3) and a good laugh, here is the cast of Glee with their version of “Don”™t Stop Believin”™”.  Oh goodness…talk about over orchestrated and over sung.  But good for a few laughs just the same.  You know how sometimes something is so bad; it almost swings the pendulum to good?  The tune is 3:19 and 68 bpm, so we took our climb workload back down towards T1 and laughed and talked amongst ourselves- just for 3:19!

Kind of a bonding moment.  Hope you enjoy it and get a good chuckle.  I found this little gem on the Grammy Nominees 2011 CD.  Next week it”™s back to serious business. J

Here's the Spotify link to Glee Cast — Don't Stop Believin'

And here is a free download - instrumental version.

Glee Cast - Don't Stop Believin' (Instrumental) by Greatest Nights

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