Free Class Music from ICI/PRO "John my mouse doesn't work anymore!" "That would be your touch pad Amy", was my response. "What ever it's called it doesn't work and I can't do the Free Friday Favorite!"

OK - I've been saving this song for just such a situation.

Actually, the situation is my own situation... Life Time has what they call "teach backs" which we (meaning me) need to preform to show our GF Dept Heads that we know, understand and can teach a specific class format. I'm scheduled for my "teach back" on September 10th and the format is a Speed Play Profile class.

Here's part of the evaluation criteria:

So I need a song that:

  1. Sets the rhythm
  2. Complements my profile
  3. Set the mood and elevates the energy

Don't tell anyone but I think I'm going to use Cathedral from Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Crosby, Stills & Nash — Cathedral

It's possibly the perfect track because it runs at ~ 70RPM for the first half where I'll have everyone get comfortable with a big gear until the chorus, when all hell breaks loose at 100RPM. Perfect for a musicly driven set of high cadence intervals... I hope. I'll let you know how I do 🙂

For your free track, here's a fun little something you maybe able to use as the lead-in to your teach back.

Good luck!



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