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John had Pandora on one day in the office and I was mesmerized by the song that was playing. It had a great vibe and I really wanted to use it in a class, so here it is for today”™s Friday Favorite. The first 15 seconds start out with simple guitar, but the 63 rpm beat is nice and strong and firms up with keys and drums 15 seconds after that. Snow Patrol”™s “Shut Your Eyes”, from their two disc Up To Now album is one of those songs that I ask my students to shut their eyes to (if they are comfortable doing so) and feel their body as they ride up the climb. I only wish it was longer than 3:18! The tune will stick with you for a while. It”™s catchy.

Here's a slightly longer (4:07) cover of Shut Your Eyes as your free track.
the firmament - Shut Your Eyes (Snow Patrol Cover) by thefirmament


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