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I am glad to be back this week.  The gremlins in my computer touch pad mysteriously disappeared after I turned it off for 18 hours.  I bought a USB mouse now for emergencies.  Computers…love them and hate them all at the same time.

On to the Free Friday Favorite…Our oldest, Abby, played on the MN State winning softball team a few years ago and their “team” song was by this band.  Their sound is just a bit country and may remind you of Fleetwood Mac from days gone by.  This is a great 3:47 motivating, down and dirty 74 rpm fast climb.  Try using the pause at 2:36 to your advantage and add a little something of your personality there that keeps your class engaged.  I usually do a quickly inserted cue like, “Ready sprint”, “Go strong”, or “Catch that guy”.  Once in a while, I will even just do a guttural “huh” and my class gets a laugh out of it.  (We used to have an instructor at our club that overused that cue when teaching, and many in my class remember him).

I hope you have some fun with Little Big Town”™s “Bones” from the HBO series True Blood.

Little Big Town — Bones

Here's a live cover that might fit into your class.

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