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I love when I pull a song from an old playlist and remember instantly why I liked
it so much. This is one of those songs that really moves me, and seems to move
my classes as well because I have been getting a lot of great feedback about this
tune. At exactly 5 minutes, and 90 bpm, it works extremely well for a focused flat
road-at, or just under, threshold. Here is Annie Lennox singing, “Money Can”™t
Buy It” from her “Diva” CD

The song has a consistent, driving beat for an established cadence (for those of us
still riding without power and cadence meters!), but starts out softly and builds.
At 2:20, Annie drops back and gives us a wonderful cueing opportunity. I whisper
my cues here, as I am into mixing up my voice cues these days. The song then
builds like crazy, only to pull back at 4:18 until the end, once again giving us nice
cueing entrances as the road finishes.

I also just plain like the lyrics. Let me know what you think.

Other good tunes for cycling classes on the “Diva” CD:
Stay By Me 6:29 90 bpm
Legend In My Living Room 3:46 60 bpm I”™ve also used this in the past and love
this one too. Just for the title alone! This, too, has a great distinctive beat,
without being obnoxious. I always wish it was longer because I like it so much.
Walking On Broken Glass 4:13 64 bpm

I think Annie may actually be the first official white female rapper, since
the “Diva” CD dates back to 1992 and she does a kind of rap in “Money Can”™t Buy

Have a great weekend everyone!

OK, here's what you really came music!

As I was sorting through the new free music available this week, in the back of my mind I was looking for something with a big interruption in the middle. A song that as it builds it takes your students to a place inside themselves. You see focused concentration from everyone. You remain quiet, letting the music do the work. And then BANG! Something unexpected happens that brings everyone back to reality - In my class that would typically mean the chase is on 🙂

The Free song for this week is Fly Away from Julius Dobos. If you're into "Tune Mapping"  a song like Doug Rusho you are in for a treat! I can see using this song to simulate a Criterium race.

Song slowly builds
@1:53 in is a big push to close a gap for 17 seconds then maintain a time-trial pace...
@2:43 brief recovery while everyone assesses each other until the 3:30 WAKE UP - LOOK AROUND - but we don't go yet...
@3:47 the chase is on

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TransitionsJulius Dobos
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