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Beyond her role as the Senior Group Fitness Instructor here and at the other clubs where she teaches, Amy is a very accomplished Makeup Artist ... where she finds herself today. So I get to give my suggestion for a track you might want to consider for an upcoming class. I've used it (them) for years but this past Monday I received a response unlike any before; Women near the back of the room yells "THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! It actually shocked me with how loud she was. She had only heard the first few bars from Rods and Cones from the Blue Man Group and that was all it took:)

What I enjoy most about many Blue Man Group tracks is how they build - perfectly suited to use for a "Big Finish" if that's your style. ~ 63 RPM, I use Rods and Cones as the platform for a series of Sprints over it's 5:58 length - starting with heavy pedals and using the rise and fall of the intensity to cue each new effort. Let me know if it works for you.
Here it is in Spotify

In my play list Rods and Cones followed this remix of Twilight Zone. It's an interesting mix, you're 4 minutes into a song most everyone knows before there's any vocals. It may have caused the reaction that followed.
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