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I remember when, we were gambling to win. Everybody else, said better luck next time...

I love the motivational lyrics in this track Chris Hawthorne shared in her updated playlists for her Four Corners (Two Ways) profile. I'm a big fan of sisters Tegan & Sara  and lead singer Emily Haines from Metric sounds like she's possibly a long, lost sibling.

The continuous refrains of "is it ever gonna be enough?" and "more and more... more and more..." in Gold Guns Girls could be fantastic cues for you to repeat, motivating everyone to dig deep and enjoy their private suffering all the way to the end of a huge effort.

Metric has produced this track in multiple versions:

Hard driving Metric — Gold Guns Girls which is my favorite. Clocking in at 90 RPM, this song will be perfect for a fast flat at threshold/TT tempo or for a three minute "Best Effort" to find everyone's PTP Personal Threshold Power.

Acoustic Metric — Gold Guns Girls  could serve as a great closing song - or as the setup to a very intense interval - using the refrains to get everyone's heads in the right place and ready to work 🙂

I'm thinking I could use both in the same playlist. I'll let you know how it works out.

Looking for more faster tracks? Metric has couple of gems @ 80 RPM and above:

Metric — Speed The Collapse @ 95 RPM

Metric — Synthetica @ 80 RPM

Here is a 90 RPM remix of Gold Guns Girls you could download.


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