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I love a good long tune and today”™s Free Music Friday Favorite is 7minutes long. It has a “dream pop” type vibe to it, but don”™t let that throw you off, because I have found it to be very useful in discovering either T1, or T2. The Verve is certainly
not a new (or still intact) band, but “The Rolling People”, from their Urban Hymns CD is a great 81 bpm tune with good coaching breakout time at 2:30-3:15. The first two minutes I ask my class to start adding load s-l-o-w-l-y. At 2:30, I explain either T1 or T2 (whichever we are discovering) and then we HIT IT! It works well, because we still have plenty of time left to find our threshold. Here is The Verve and “The Rolling People”, circa 1997:

The Rolling People on Spotify
For your free track I wasn't able to find a remix of The Rolling People, but I was able to find another song from The Verve that would make for a focused 72 rpm climb; Appalachian Springs. Listen all the way through and you will find a built in recovery at the 5:50 point of this 7:34 tune.
The Verve - Appalachian Springs by cuzzoni


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