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In my mind there are two categories of music: fake and real. Fake music is synthesized and real music is human beings playing instruments and truly singing, not just pretending to. For those of us that have to endure our kid”™s music, the distinction is necessary and appreciated. Today”™s Friday Favorite is “The Big Money” by Rush. These three Canadians know how to make music and this 5:35, 74 rpm climb is multi-layered for great coaching opportunities. At 2:50 the vocals pull back for a full minute and give way for introspection.
Here is the video:

I wasn't able to find anything from RUSH but I used this Moby remix last night in a class I subbed and they loved it! We watched the new Epic Planet DVD: Epic California Mt. Baldy use discount code ICIPRO30% for a 30% discount. This video has a number of very long climbs where a song with a strong beat @ 70 RPM like this track is awesome.

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MDRFREE020: Moby - Move (Bankster Dubstep Remix) by Monkey Dub Recording

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