This smooth little tune caught my ear while I was riding in the car with my 17 year old one day and I asked her who was singing it, not really thinking she would know. Well, she did and I am glad, because I downloaded it and have been using it as a motivating mid-tempo climb. I”™ve been cueing to “ride smoothly, like the music is smooth”. Sometimes I forget to “chill out my moves” and be cool on my bike. It does make a difference in my form when I take the stress out. My class noticed a positive change as well, and as their instructor/coach, I certainly saw a change in how their bodies were moving on the bike.

Sam Sparro”™s “Black and Gold”, from his self-titled CD is 4:34 in the studio cut version and 68 bpm. Give it a listen and see if this will bring out your inner “coolness”. Not that your aren”™t already super chill!


Here's the Spotify link to Black and Gold

And this long remix maybe just what you need to set the mood for your next endurance class.
Sam Sparro - Black & Gold (GYRE's ITE REMIX) by IAMGYRE

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