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Amy had already submitted this Friday Favorite before we got our deal to provide you with a FREE track every Friday. I hated to see it go to waste so I thought why not a Hers and Mine this week?

From her: You probably have deducted by now that I like to include entire CD”™s for my Friday Favorites, and this FF is no exception.   Of course our class members like recognizable tunes, but mine have told me they enjoy hearing the “B” side songs from the bands as well.  This Canadian band started playing together in high school and released the Them vs. You vs. Me CD in 2007.  The hit single “Paralyzer” will be recognized by most and makes for a great climb at 60 bpm.  See the “Paralyzer” video by the band Finger Eleven here:

“Talking to the Walls” (80 bpm), “Gather & Give”(84 bpm), “I”™ll Keep Your Memory Vague”(88bpm), “Falling On” (90bpm), “Lost My Way”(90bpm),  and “Them vs. You vs. Me”(100bpm)  all make for great flat road work.   Two very interesting songs to use at 6/8 tempo are: “Change the World”, and “Window Song”. One of these days I'll have to tell you how I use 6/8 tempo music (commonly known as a waltz) to teach the rhythmically challenged in my class ride to the tempo of the song. Have a fabulous week everyone!

And now for something FREE from me 🙂

Am I the only one who's taste in music tends to ebb and flow with the seasons? One minute I'm digging out my old 70's favorites when I have something very intense planned, then endurance season comes around and I find I like to use interesting electronic music for the long steady efforts I have everyone suffering through.

I found this track from a band called Moleman and it fits right into a steady Zone 3 climb. 86 RPM and I can already here myself describing how the road starts upward at the 1:00 mark. Get their cadence locked in and then add the load (friction bikes) or start-em slow with a big gear and accelerate to 86 RPM (magnetic resistance bikes)

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