With younger daughter home for the Summer, it's not uncommon from me to get in my car and turn on the radio tuned to a foreign (to me) station. Great for accidental music discovery 🙂 Going through my tagged tracks this AM in Shazam and wanted share a few with you.

Let's start with the track Sleeper Agent — Waves from the band Sleeper Agent. I can't remember exactly where I was when I first heard it - I just know that I was calling up Shazam, thinking this would be a fun, fast flat with a fun Summer vibe that I felt me class would enjoy. It's on the upper edge of too fast @ 115RPM - do you thing your class could follow it and stay smooth?

Next is another flat from The Cab — Lock Me Up @ 95RPM. This song has a very powerful, driving beat that would make a fabulous 3 minute "Best Effort" opening threshold segment. Looking for a great "Big Finish" track? One Of THOSE Nights @ 105RPM plugged in at the end of your class will motivate everyone to leave whatever they have left there in your class, where it belongs, once they complete the final 20 sec sprint at the end. If you have time I'd spend some time sampling the rest of The Cab's albums - good stuff.

Deadmau5 — Seeya is also on the cadence edge @ 110RPM - have to use this because it's just awesome and at over 6 minutes, there will be suffering!

If you ride/work along with your class, this track as a great message about how you're all together until the top of this 70RPM climb Bassnectar — You & Me (feat. W. Darling)

Florence + The Machine — Dog Days Are Over isn't new - but I wanted to use it in my next playlist as soon as it came on.

Do you have any recent discovery's you'd like to share?






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