Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I need to preface this with; I'm not thinking Amy will be crazy about this new "discovery" of mine. I had Spotify playing through a recommended playlist Indie Electronica and this track got my attention > alt-J — Every Other Freckle. It's an awesome, powerful (and just a bit quirky) 72RPM climb with an interesting (some might say weird) break in the middle.

We're supposed to use music that motivates us, right? While not for everyone, I'm thinking this track could add some unique flavor to your typical playlist, when you need a powerful climbing song. Just be sure to TURN IT UP!

The band's name is based on the triangle you'll see when pressing the Alt and J keys on your mac computer. Sampling other tracks from alt-J also has me liking Breezeblocks which is just a tic faster at 75RPM. You might like this remix better.

You can get the free download by liking their FB page or download here.



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