Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I love Shazam... have I said that before? Well I do. It's one of the few Apps I've used more than once on my iPhone.

I'm using the premium version which connects the track to Spotify - makes it easy to then add to one of my "fun to use" playlists for future addition to a new class. 


Keeping my phone close to me, with the intent to be ready to Shazam a track, has become a habit. I'll also bring it to a class I'm attending to covertly swip an interesting track I hear 🙂

But there's one thing I haven't figured out; how do I tag the song, so I know where I got it from? NOTE: we've published so many of these free tracks that I'm always concerned that where I got it from, was here!

So I've no idea where this one came from - Capital Cities — Safe and Sound Spotify or Deezer.

Safe and Sound is a fun, light hearted song with a real positive message. I will traditionally use as a recovery between efforts.

But sometimes I'll look for a remix with some extra punch.

Here's three possibilities:

Download this track after Liking their Facebook page.



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