Pretty in December, but depressing in April

Magical in December - not so much in April. That's all the farther John got last night.

It”™s John”™s fault….spring simply will not arrive here in Minnesota because he bought a new bike! Kind of like when you wash your car, it is certain to rain…
So, in the meantime we are preparing for the killer potholes in the roads when it finally dries out and the temps rise above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
Here is a flat I”™ve been using after a series of four climbs that focus on lifts (i.e. the pothole story). At 82 rpm, and 3:23, it offers participants a ‘breather”™ before we go right back into the potholes again. I describe this flat as a little spot where the DOT paved a smooth road for us.
A few great voices have come out of the Disney franchise and Bridget Mendler is another one. She has a great range and voice purity that is wonderful.
Enjoy ‘Love Will Tell Us Where To Go”™ from Bridget”™s Hello My Name is…..album:


Here's a fun acoustic version for your free track.

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