Not sure where your are, but multiple days above 50°F has us all giddy with excitement here in the Frozen North! Then again it does signal the end of my Sunday Performance classes - last one is this weekend.

If it doesn't rain there's a good chance it will be very lightly attended, with all my normal's out enjoying the sunshine. For those who do attend (I get a bunch of non-bikers) I thought a lighthearted class would be in order.

Many of my class playlists begin with a "root" song/track that I build the rest of the playlist around. Looking for inspiration, I cued up Chris Hawthorn's Top Indoor Cycling Songs for 2013 list and there was exactly what I was looking for, right at the top of her list:

  1. Counting Stars by One Republic:  This song is so upbeat and catchy, that I could use it in every class.  It has a great beat and can be used seated or standing, or in combination.  Some other great songs from this album that made my top list:  What You Wanted and I Lived.  This is by far my favorite album that came out this year.

I'm thinking that this 5 minute remix could make an interesting warmup.

If you enjoy playing cover's in your class - this acoustic version of Counting Stars is awesome.



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