Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

I've been consumed learning all about the Deezer music service and completely forgot to post this yesterday 🙁

My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure the very first Indoor Cycling class I taught was in the fall of 1998 - about 15 years ago. Amy had just been hired to develop an Indoor Cycling program at Bokoo Bikes, a new local bicycle retailer where I was leading their outdoor group rides. The owner's plan was to add some life and energy to the store, during the cold/dark/long winter months when people aren't much interested in visiting a store that sells outdoor bicycles.

We had four Instructors, eight Lemond bikes, a single speaker and our own corner of the bike store. Amy organised a schedule of two weekday - evening classes, one on Saturday morning and I taught a 90 minute endurance class on Sundays. It was awesome... until 2004 when Life Time Fitness built a big box club a few miles down the road. We lost everyone to their beautiful, dedicated studio with 45 new Spinner NXTs, four speakers + a massive subwoofer and showers.

This actually worked out well for me. Between teaching in the winter and leading summer group rides, I had developed a loyal following. These friends made a few suggestions (gotta love those comment cards) to the Life Time department head, which resulted in my current employment.

15 years is a long time to be doing anything and the need to stay fresh (at least for me) is a continuous process.

One strategy to keep from getting stale has been to do the unexpected. Instead of teaching from the normal front & center position, I'll jump in and ride with my class. This is really effective when you're using virtual ride videos and actually teaching to what's being displayed.

Another option to shake things up is to teach with OPM (other people's music). Spotify makes it so easy to grab another Instructor's music and hit play. This may sound like it would result in a random & disorganised class, but it doesn't. If you've taught for a bunch of years like I have, the class just flows out of you.

Barbara Hoots taught me the value of using a remix of a well know song - and a well produced mashup is even better - to grab both your and your classes attention. Here are a few mashups that you can use to shake things up in your class for your free tracks this week.

I really love Fleetwood Mac and this mashup with Adele is awesome.

No one will be expecting this to include the Bee Gees.

This one works on multiple levels.

And this just works for me.


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