Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PROI did it! My application to the IODA Promonet promotional music distribution network was accepted and now we can provide you with Free Music Downloads every Friday!

This week it's all about the drums with a powerful track from Cult of Youth. If you are looking for a track to take your class (if they're ready for it) to 124 RPM like Tom Scotto shows in the Cadence Builder video, this may be the one you are looking for. It will also work well as a steady climb at 62 RPM.

To download the song click the orange square or "Right Click" and select "Save Link As" to decide where on your computer it saves. If your settings in iTunes are correct, click the song link after its downloaded and it should open and be saved in your iTunes library.

Cult of YouthCult of Youth
"New West" (mp3)
from "Cult of Youth"
(Sacred Bones Records)

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